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All by Rosita clothing are hand-made and either hand picked or co-designed by Rosita and the designers we work with. Our entry level range is ‘have a nice day’, which is what we want our customers to feel when they buy our products and long after wards. This is at the core of our company mission. Our concept is about interesting products that are fun, easy to wear and above all make our customers feel good – this therefore also includes reasonable prices that customers can return to as often as they like. Started in Spitalfields, London. 2016


Message from Rosita

-- Hand picked small designer, independent clothes maker products --

As a woman who likes good quality and good value for money clothes myself, I wanted to share this with others.

Do you remember that feeling when you once bought something really unique and inspiring, but at a reasonable price and you just felt happy..

That's where 'Have a nice day' comes from.

I want our customers to feel good by coming to our shop and getting something they really like, without spending a fortune on it.

Our clothes are a mix my own designs as well as hand-picked tops and dresses from other independent designers.

When you found something good, you just want to share it...

Have a nice day!


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